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The best intelligence test is what one does with their leisure, and in this time we discover who we really are. It can only be lifestyle if it feels authentic, like you could have been right there in the moment. Smelling the salt air, tasting the food, and hearing the laughter.

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With every portrait taken of a subject, it is a rare opportunity to know them, to engage even for a moment, into an intimate part of who they are.  It is a gift, the vulnerability that happens, that human connection, where we are seen and understood.

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If you’re looking to salivate, you’ve come to the right place. There isn’t a better gig than photographing beautiful food and the hands that prepared it!  Bite after bite this work never gets old.

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Selected Projects

Through personal work we grow. We grow to be better people. We grow to gain a deeper understanding. We grow to find communality in our existence. The work of a photographer is most significant when they have the freedom to shoot, and discover, whatever stories they find in their own journeys.

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