Behind Broken Walls Revisited

The necessity of...I guess I better begin again.

I am in the process of editing my extensive body of work from Haiti for exhibition and potential book.  It has been an overwhelming, revealing and exciting process going back through 5 years of work, over 10,000 images, to then edit down to an approximate 22-26 for show or a few more for a book.  I have been reading through my old journal entries reliving the moments, the experiences, the intensity of my emotions as I lived within.  It is astonishing how you can be so close to something, taste it, smell it, breathe it every day and then time separates your memory of that somehow.  Reading my thoughts again brings it all back to the forefront of my mind, opened up my heart once more and made my spirit vulnerable.

I am excited to share this project as it comes into development.  I am thankful to have wonderful people in my life who can look at my work subjectively and help me through this process of editing.